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Freelance Stylist Program

This program is for very seasoned stylist with strong sew-in experience.

Stylist is expected to be conversant with application of the following

  1. Leave out sew-in
  2. Closure installation
  3. Frontal installation
  4. 360 Frontal Installation
  5. Wigs

At certain locations we require the stylist to be conversant with installation of

  1. U/I/V tips
  2. Tape extensions
  3. Loop extensions 

How does it work?

We provide the clients and your availability is critical. We have a flat fee for deposit and customer will be assessed the designated deposit fee and the balance will be paid directly to you by the customer.

We require that you have designated days for Lola’s Hair to provide hair services to walk in customers.

  1. There is no booth rental
  2. There is no application fee
  3. There is no membership fee
  4. Get paid same day.

We simply ask that you promote our brand!!! Be your own Boss


  1. Cosmetologist must conduct his or herself in a professional manner at ALL TIMES
  2. Profanity is not allowed
  3. Professional must be on site 15 mins before scheduled appointment
  4. Last appointment will be set for 5pm for a frontal service and 5:30 for a closure installation.
  5. For short notice client, the administrative team will contact you for availability from time to time
  6. No show clients will be given 2 grace opportunity afterwhich they will be kicked out of the system
  7. Clients will not be accepted after 6pm
  8. Clients accepted at 6pm must be completed by 8pm
  9. We have a 15 mins of grace till 8:15pm after which you are required to compensate the admin team $10 minimum for each hour they wait. charged another $5 till 9pm and $10 thereafter for every hour.
  10. Any and all complains from the customer regarding workmanship within 5 days must be addressed otherwise you will have to refund customer
  11. All matters between professional stylist and client must be handled with utmost professionalism with respect to the establishment and other professionals present. Otherwise we reserve the right to terminate professional from the program. Please note this will lead to termination of contract.
  12. Professional cannot speak negatively of another stylist work
  13. Professional will be respectful and therefore not promote another virgin hair line within LH Beauty studio
  14. No other brand promotion within the establishment
  15. Cannot try to sabotage another professional’s skillset or attempt to acquire any of our other professional’s client
  16. Administrative team must assign walk in customers to stylist who sign up for Walk-in stylist program 


  1. Professional must wear all black. No brand promotion on clothing within the establishment
  2. In the event a stylist does not wear all black, a temporary branded Lola’s Hair tshirt will be provided to professional while on the premises, to be returned to administrative team after service of client
  3. LH beauty studio is a dry bar and as such only towels, chair and mirror will be provided
  4. Professional will provide all equipment, tools and products needed to complete their work
  5. Work station must be kept extremely clean at all times, professional must clean work station after each client. Otherwise you will be prohibited from the program
  6. The use of Lola’s hair with your services are totally 2 separate entities, especially in the event of a customer complaint, LH will not be paying stylist to reinstall hair

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