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Black Friday FAQ

Q. Can i substitute a closure for a bundle in a bundle?

  • No you cannot

 Q. When does the sale end?

  • Monday Nov 30th at 11:59pm

 Q. Will the sale be extended?

  • There will be no extension

Q. Can I pay online and pick up in store

  • Unfortunately we cannot do that, all orders placed online must be delivered via postal service, Our sincere apologies

 Q. How fast is your shipping?

  • Typically we ship same day as long as orders are placed by 2pm central standard time but due to the Thanksgiving Holidays all items will start shipping in the order it was received beginning on December 1st

 Q. Can I return my hair for an exchange, if I don’t like it?

  • Yes, Given the sales we are running all sales are final, however on a situation by situation basis if you need to change the curl pattern you need to contact us for approval within 24 hours of receipt and ensure you do not run your hands through the bundle so we can resell it. Otherwise when we receive it and it is not in sellable condition we will not exchange it. Please note that you are responsible for the cost of shipping both ways.

 Q. My shipment is not moving can someone tell me what is going on?

  • All orders will begin to ship through FedEx beginning Tuesday December 1st ….  For Fedex ground it takes a few days to show activities or its exact location.

Q. Can you leave the shipment under my door or anywhere else

  • Unfortunately you need to sign for all shipment with Lola’s Hair

Q. I am going out of town and i am trying to order online by the time you ship the order i will not be home. Can you please not ship it until XX day

  • Due to the volume of shipments we have we might miss it however we will make efforts to ensure it is held otherwise if shipped and you are sent shipping information please contact fedex and request for a hold.

Q. What is your store address?

  • Our North Store address is 19752 North Freeway Suite B1 Spring TX 77373
  • Our South store address is 8104 Southwest Freeway Suite F Houston TX 77074
  • Our Brooklyn store address 737 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn NY 11226

Q. Is there a number where I can reach your team?

 Q. Can i get a refund?

  • No refund. ALL SALES ARE FINAL

Q. Are you going to have another sale?

Q. Can I combine the current deal with a coupon

  • No you cannot

Q. Are closures on sale as well?


Q. Do I need a coupon to get the deal

  • No you don’t

Q. Do you accept Paypal

  • It is temporarily deactivated till further notice

Q. What are your store hours during Black Friday Week



Southwest –Houston

Spring TX


11am to 9pm

10am to 6:30pm

10am to 6:30pm


11am to 9pm

10am to 6:30pm

10am to 6:30pm


11am to 9pm

10am to 6:30pm

10am to 6:30pm






10am to 8pm

10am to 4pm

10am to 4pm


11am to 9pm

10am to 3pm

10am to 3pm





Q. Do you install hair in-store?

            Yes in the following store

  • Brooklyn
  • Spring TX

Q. I want to change the shipping service from 5days to 2day

  • Due to the volume of orders placed we are unable to guarantee that your item will be shipped via 2 day but we will make an effort. Send your request to shipping@lolashair.com

Q. I bought 3 bundles during black Friday and I need another bundle for fullness. Can I still get the thanksgiving deal otherwise I will have to return all bundles

. Unfortunately you will need to buy at the current price

Q. I purchase an extra bundle of hair can you please add it to my previous order and return my shipping fee.

  • We definitely will make effort to merge your order but given the volume of shipment we have we cannot guarantee that it will be merged. If we are able to merge it we will provide you your refund.

Q. Can lola’s hair be curled or straightened?

  • Absolutely, but we try to advice folks not to apply too much heat on their curly hair otherwise you stand a chance of making it dry

Q. Can I color my hair?

  • Yes you can however any issues resulting from coloring and processing hair will result in hair not being replaced

Q. How do I care for my hair?

  • o  Lola's Hair serum
  • o  Dr Miracle curl care leave in conditioner-- body wave and curly and super curly
  • o  QP Elasta feels like silk
  • o  curl creme brulee-  curly and super curly
  • o  suave keratin shampoo and conditioner
  • do not use designer essentials does not work well with our hair

 Q. My hair is shedding

      Tell them to apply the following

  • o  Lolas hair serum
  • o  Dr Miracle curl care leave in conditioner-- body wave and curly and super curly
  • o  QP Elasta feels like silk or
  • o  curl creme brulee-  curly and super curly

Q. Can I color my Bahamas?

  • Yes but we recommend you don’t because you will loose your curls, however you can re-curl it

Q. I ordered last week Thursday and my item has not been shipped.

Please send an email to shipping@lolashair.com so they can research it for you , please include your order number

Q. I placed my order but did not get a receipt or I have not received my hair

  • Please send an email to shipping@lolashair.com stating the issue and a copy of your receipt, along with your full name and order number if applicable

Q. I have an APO address can you ship to me

  • Yes just send all your details to Customerservice@lolashair.com include the length, quantity and type of hair and address. We will send you an invoice